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  • Karuna Ki Certification
  • Instructor: Shari Davidson PhD.
What is Karuna Ki ?

KARUNA KI is an enhanced level of Reiki. With a base of Reiki, Karuna, a Tibetan term which means "compassionate action", consists of an additional 8 or 12 symbols (depending upon your Reiki lineage), which expand the Reiki energy by allowing the practitioner to develop a compassionate heart and to connect with enlightened beings who are working to send healing energy to the earth. Although more intensive than traditional Reiki, it is very peaceful and very grounding.

This Karuna Ki Training is open to all Reiki Masters, no matter their lineage.

Instructor Biography


Shari Davidson PhD. (c), R.Y.T. Reiki and Karuna Ki Master, Clinical Hypnotist and NLP Practitioner.

Shari is a Usui System Reiki Master who works with different healing modalities. For the past 15 plus years she has incorporated a healing process that includes Reiki, Hypnosis, Meditation and Yoga to attain the perfect balance in ones life.

As a corporate trainer with over 20 years experience with Fortune 100 companies. She has been a facilitator for training classes in leadership, communications skills, time management and stress control. She is a member in good standing of the American Society for Training and Development, as well as the Society of Human Resource Management.

She has developed successful corporate as well as private seminars and retreats through out the country. Presently she is teaching for the National Multiple Sclerosis. Shari holds public yoga classes and workshops on Long Island, NY.

For the past fifteen years, Shari has pursued her passions for yoga and the knowledge by her continuing studies in Astanga, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Iyengar and Hatha Yoga with noted and world-renowned teachers. She belongs to the International Yoga Association, IMA, Yoga Research and Education Center/International Association of Yoga Therapist, Yoga Alliance and Long Island Yoga Association.

Shari has appeared as a featured guest on several occasions on 'Foot Notes' WLUX540 AM radio with Dr. June Kasminoff. Some topics discussed on air were; yoga for a balance life; using prana, reflexology and simple exercises to reduce stress. Also she has had article published by Long Island Business Association "Take a Breath, Using Yoga to link the Mind and Body".

Shari is an Independent Reiki Master and Karuna Ki Master that firmly believes every one is entitled to learn and heal themselves and others.

Karuna Ki Certification

What you will learn:
  • Discussion of Karuna Ki
  • History of Karuna Ki
  • Attunement to First Level Karuna Ki
    Originally referred to as ÒSai Baba Reiki,Ó this level attunes to symbols which restore balance and bring deep healing, as well as release karma and deep seated past life issues. They clear and open your channels to higher consciousness and balance the upper and lower chakras.
  • History and Discussion of Karuna Ki Level II
  • Attunement to Karuna Ki Level II
    Level II of Karuna Ki or Dai Nichi Reiki instructs and attunes to the next four symbols, formerly called the White Brotherhood Symbols. These symbols link you strongly with your higher self and enhance manifestation potential.
  • Level II Master/Teacher of Spiritual Transmutation
    You receive the Master Healing symbol, 3 initiation symbols and instruction on how to do all level attunements (Prerequisite: Reiki Mastership)

Upon successful completion of this course you will receive certificates for 8 CEU credits from the National Guild of Hypnotists.

For your convenience, both Reiki and
Karuna Ki courses are listed here.

Reiki I, II, Masters Certification and KarunaKi  -->>
Shari Davidson, Certified Hypnotist
Feb. 15-16, 2014, Noon-6PM
Save $$$ Special price: $550 10 days prior     Register On-Line
Reiki I, II, Masters Certification and KarunaKi  -->>
Shari Davidson, Certified Hypnotist
Apr. 19-20, 2014, Noon-6PM
Save $$$ Special price: $550 10 days prior     Register On-Line