Anxiety Can Be Helped With Hypnosis


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This is an over-used term, which is not very precise in its meaning. The medical profession has its own definitions and diagnostic procedures, which relate to the appropriate use of drugs, counseling, psychotherapy or psychiatric approaches to treatment. Since hypnosis is really a learning process, rather than a medical treatment, (but one which involves the whole mind not just the conscious part of it), we are working outside of the conceptual framework that doctors are working within, which we can do quite comfortably without commenting upon their work, which of course we are not qualified to comment upon. Some doctors are enlightened enough to return this professional courtesy; others (like some members of the general public) apparently do not realize that they know next to nothing about hypnosis, or else believe that knowing virtually nothing about a subject should not make you shy of dismissing it out of hand, should anyone inquire about such a treatment option.

Fortunately, people have minds of their own. If you’ve tried everything else – or would rather not try everything else – it is certainly worth looking at hypnosis, we can often help, and often rapidly, too. Don’t be put off by other people’s ignorance – if you’ve ever heard anyone say “hypnosis is a load of rubbish” or “hypnosis doesn’t work”, ask yourself this question: are they an expert in that subject? Or do they just like to think they’re an expert in every subject?

Many people can reveal exactly what the causes of their bad feelings and unhappiness are (providing of course you have plenty of time available to listen). Do drug therapies tackle those causes? Hypnosis does, even if they turn out to be subconscious issues, beyond the reach of counseling and psychotherapy. And whether you are receiving other medical treatment currently or not, it is worth contacting us to inquire about hypnosis. It could turn out to be just what you needed.