Hypnosis Can Help People With Fears & Phobias

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Curiously, non-phobic people can feel slightly attracted to the idea of having a phobia, and may say things like: “I’m phobic about heights”, or “I have a flying phobia – every time I fly I get really nervous.”

These are popular misconceptions: they describe ANXIETIES, not phobias. Most of us share some level of anxiety where there is apparent risk to our safety, but we manage to cope. This is normal.

True phobias are much more unpleasant, where the level of anxiety can be so extreme, and so immediate, that the result can be either utter panic or total deflation and depression. And these feelings can become attached to objects or situations that most people would not even recognize as threatening or prohibitive.

Sometimes, people with phobias suffer for an awful long time before they seek help to get rid of the problem – which is sad, because they need not be suffering.  Hypnosis can help.

No matter how long a phobia has persisted, it can still be removed, with the effective therapeutic techniques such as NLP & Hypnosis available today.