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Hypnosis, Weight-Loss & Demands of Life in New York City

trudy-beers-hypnotizing-a-patient-sm2Many of our current and past clients begin to notice the effects of hypnosis after a single session. Hypnosis can help engage the subconscious mind as additional support as you work to make desired changes in your life. One important area is the potential of hypnosis to assist in improved diet and weight loss regimens.

Anyone who lives and works in New York City understands the extra stresses and pressures of city life. Unfortunately, it can trigger overeating as a means to cope with stress. If you and unhappy with your weight and feel you may be in this pattern of behavior, consider trying a personal hypnosis session. Hypnosis is a safe and often effective way to help yourself change from bad habits into healthy practices.

Weight-Loss Methods – Compare the Alternatives

After trying a number of weight-loss methods, you may have discovered it can be challenging to lose extra weight in the first place – and then to keep it off. Many factors can influence weight loss. Therefore it’s not surprising to learn that many people have found significant and lasting success with some methods, while encountering only frustration and poor results with others.

The high-cost and high-profit fitness industry as well as marketers of diet-food products would have you believe their methods are the only options. But chances are that by now you have tried gym memberships and given up a healthy lunch in favor of a weight-loss shake. The challenge with most of these methods is that they are expensive, time consuming and just plain unpleasant. In addition, they require will power and self-denial without providing any mental support. When you add these to an already stressful and busy New York City life, it’s no wonder why so many people try these methods and fail.

Weight Loss and Weight Management Assisted by Hypnosis

Unlike other methods that rely solely on will power and unpleasant sacrifice, hypnosis can offer a more direct and less stressful weight-loss option. By tapping into the potential of your subconscious mind, it can readily help you alter your attitudes and actions. Compared to other strategies hypnosis can be described as a more pleasant and easy weight-loss method. But describing it in such a manner does not really do justice to the potential effects and benefits.

Overeating and other counter-productive behaviors do not exist alone in a vacuum. In reality they are connected to many other parts of life, including stress and unhappiness. Taking this a step farther to its root cause, you may overeat to bring yourself pleasure when you are feeling angry or sad. Relieving and helping you move on from these unhappy feelings can be a key factor in successful weight loss and effective weight management. Hypnosis can help program your subconscious mind to be in control and move your behaviors and feelings to happier, healthier outcomes.

Weight Loss and Weight Management Tactics Helped by Hypnosis

If you are considering pursuing hypnosis as a strategy in your personal weight-loss and weight-management plan, our clients report a number of favorable outcomes for you to consider. First and most importantly, your subconscious mind can help guide you to learn to love healthy, low-fat, high-protein nutritious foods. On the flip side, it can support you in personal behavior modification to more easily turn down the sweets and fats. As you begin to transform your choices and eating habits you may be surprised to notice that will power and self deprivation are less and less on your mind. Our clients find hypnosis can be one of the effective catalysts in bringing about these important and profound changes.

As you begin to eat less and eat healthier, the appearance and lifestyle benefits are quickly and readily apparent. It is likely you will appear more fit, healthy, happy & confident. If there is an outfit or pair of pants you love and having been wanting to wear again, you may soon find yourself fitting into them easily and comfortably again. Energy levels can be higher, moods better and general outlook improved. It’s your life and you owe it to yourself to explore and learn new methods that may help you as they have for many of our other clients.

Hypnosis to Assist Weight Loss in New York City

If you are ready to answer yes and investigate the potential of hypnosis to help you in your life, please reach out today. Dr. Trudy Beers at Tribeca Hypnosis & Healing Institute is ready to speak with you for an initial consultation about what might be most helpful to you. She can explain, teach and guide you if you choose to undergo hypnosis as a strategy to bring about your own weight loss and weight management program. The biggest surprise of all may be that will power and self deprivation have very little to do with your success.

Client Testimonials:
“Dear Dr. Beers,
I am so happy to hear from you. I am still in Italy and will be returning tomorrow. I am happy to report that I have passed through these two weeks without a problem! I feel really great and for the first time in over 4 years I did not worry or stress about my eating habits while I was away. I lost 4 lbs! I am listening to my tape and will be returning to my exercise program once I get back to NY this week. I cannot thank you enough, it was truly a blessing that I found you. Thank you for your help and I will keep you posted on my success. Thank you for including the eating schedule in the e-mail.
Sending you a big hug-“*
Love, Theresa
“Hi Dr. Beers, I just wanted to let you know how successful our session was. I lost 45lbs in five months which puts me in a healthy weight range for the first time in years.”*
Loni, NYC

* Individual results are different and results may be temporary. The opinions of past clients have inspired this content. We do not claim any of these views are scientific and do not guarantee identical results in any or all future cases.