Testimonials from Trudy Beer’s Clients

Smoking Cessation
“Just wanted to thank you for working with me last week. Been listening to the tape nightly and haven’t been too wound up about not smoking. A periodic crave, but it passes (and boy is that water ever so satisfying!)” *
Tony, NYC

Lateness, Family Issues
“Thank you for a wonderful session. I loved the forgiveness work and no longer felt angry with my aunt after that. I was on time to work these past three days. I feel so much more secure to trust my intuition.” *
Erin, NYC

Reiki I, II, & Masters Course
“Thanks for orchestrating the Reiki I,II,& Masters weekend of such awesome energy. I am always amazed and grateful for the direction and guidance I am constantly receiving. Your space is very sacred and your energy is beautiful. I loved the class – Shari is an excellent teacher and healer. I look forward to connecting again. Peace and blessings to you.” *
Jen, NYC

“Trudy, Sunshine is such a beautiful, calm baby, very comfortable in her own body and environment. I know the hypnotherapy contributed greatly to her content being. And for me it was the most amazing experience, no pain, just intensity and a beautiful journey led by the Sun. ” *
Ana, NYC

Self Confidence
“Staying positive, focused and moving forward are goals that your session has helped me with. Not to mention clarity and comfort. I found the permission I needed to enjoy and discover my life. My outlook has already changed for the better. ” *
Sarah, NYC

“Your work with me has been successful. I feel opened up in such a way that I feel some sense of…redemption. What I am most content with is that the work simply seems to have enabled me to “get back on track” in that the responsibility for my actions clearly lies with myself but that I no longer feel habitually shut down . Thank you.” *

Weight Loss
“Thank you for giving me my “Power” back allowing me to move forward and focus on being the perfect me.” *
Marian, Long Island

Stress, Fear, Bad Stomach
“Dear Trudy- I hope you can use this as my testimonial. You changed my life. For 7 years I have suffered from a bad stomach that would be triggered every time I had an emotionally charged experience or an overwhelmingly stressful one. You can just imagine how time taught me to curb my risk taking and avoid emotions since either of those could trigger an episode. I don’t know if anxiety attack was the right phrase to describe what I went through but needless to say my stomach ruled my life. Since seeing you I am calmer, more in control despite my GIVING UP CONTROL. I no longer fear situations but welcome them as new and exciting pieces of life to experience. I no longer walk around in fear and for that I am forever grateful and a huge fan of you and the work that you do. I recommend you to everyone I know. You changed my life and I thank you for it….” *
Julie, NYC

“Trudy, Thank you soooo much ! The session has helped me so, I sleep like a baby now. Incredible! If I wake up, I just put on the tape and go back into perfect dreamland. ” *
Tanya, NYC

Weight Loss
“Hi Dr. Beers, I just wanted to let you know how successful our session was. I lost 45lbs in five months which puts me in a healthy weight range for the first time in years.” *
Loni, NYC

Performance Anxiety
“I wanted you to know that my singing performance was great! I was calm, focused and actually enjoyed it while it was going on. I was amazed at how wonderful it felt. I’d like to thank you for sending me in the right direction. I have no doubt our session was enormously powerful.” *
David, NYC

Student Response
“Each time I come to your beautiful space, I encounter friendly, warm, open people, who like me are eager to learn, and knowledgeable, generous teachers eager to share. This undoubtedly has much to do with you. Trudy, in addition to your impressive qualifications, experience and insight, you are also gentle and loving and you inspire those around you to follow your example.” *
Arthur, Brooklyn

Great Course
“Hi Trudy. Thanks for orchestrating the Reiki I.II.& Masters weekend of such awesome energy. I am always amazed and grateful for the direction and guidance I am constantly receiving. Your space is very sacred and your energy is beautiful. I loved the class – Shari is an excellent teacher and healer.” *

Pain Control
“I am so grateful for our amazing phone sessions and our work with hypnosis. It is a year later and I am still listening to the tapes. What a relief! How can there be valium & pain killers when hypnosis is 10 times faster, safer and cheaper with no side effects except peace? !!!mmm something to think about.” *
Jorge, Spain

“Thank you so much for helping my Mom. She seems to have a much more positive attitude. So that is a start.” *
Nancy, Queens

Cancer-Radiation Treatments
“In what is a potentially frightening situation, Hynotherapy and Reiki have given me a wonderful sense of calm and confidence in my ability to successfully deal with the cancer. I sleep extremely well and my Radiation Oncologist is amazed that the radiation has not burned my skin and that my blood pressure is extremely low. I am very thankful and grateful for these incredible tools to work along with medical protocols.” *
Marilyn, Brooklyn

Hypnotherapy Practice Intensive
“Thank you for a very useful practice sessions inclusive of your eagle eye on our activities. You can take credit for your training methods; you have imbued us with the ability to do the “business” and be professional in what we do. Thank you! You have a special gift for healing, and a great addition to that gift, the power to hand it on to others.” *
Howard, Brooklyn

“I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing these powerful techniques with me and for for being such a kind and wonderful teacher. My dissertation will be completed in no time with this focus!” *
Elena, NYC

Hi Trudy:

“Its funny Trudy, I have a real sense of calm recently – even though I am broke and not earning any money yet I know I will be fine. I finished my cooking course and decided to do an internship at a restaurant that I have dreamed of working in. I was so nervous about even calling the chef – but I overcame my fear and did it. I just finished two weeks and I will be returning after I finish my catering course at the New School. I will also be taking a pastry course come summer! The restaurant is called Picholine and it is a 3 star restaurant. Don’t know how it will play in the big scheme of things but it feels right.

April 30 will be my 3 month anniversary of sobriety! I have a sponsor and making new friends through AA. I sometimes get a bit down because I get flashbacks of my life – it’s weird. Like I’ll think of all the times I have been obsessed with food – right down to getting college applications to the CIA and other culinary colleges and never doing anything about it.

I am an alcoholic. Alcohol prevented me from living my life. But no more. I sometimes (not frequently though) want a drink on a social basis – I love going to bars and talking to people, etc. But I know I cannot just have one. I think of how I cannot have a drink – the feeling I get when I did. So I do not have it. I think back on my life and the things I could not do because of it and that is enough not to have one. Trudy, thanks to your help, in just three months I applied for a scholarship and received it, stopped my drinking and have decided to not live in fear and to look to the light! I just have to do what makes my heart sing and create and live and enjoy life. I know you know this entire but for someone who was all engulfed in fear it is quite liberating!!!

Thank you Trudy for being who you are and helping me…” *
Sincerely, Lillian

Dear Trudy:

“Since my appointment with you things are much better. I’m writing, back to work on my screenplay and working on an article at the same time. I have not been able to work on my screenplay for a year and a half. I have been exercising four out of seven days but my commitment was five so I’m working on that. I do listen to the tapes every night and I know the work is having a very positive impact on me. As I’m writing this, my husband is talking about you to a friend of his because he is so impressed with the fact that I’m writing every day now.

The next day after I saw you I spent the weekend with my family. I had a wonderful time, so did they and everyone including my young nieces and nephews were saying, “cancel, cancel,” when anyone said anything negative about themselves. It was wonderful and if there ever was a
lesson to pass on that was it!

I wish I could afford to go to you once a month. It is the most effective form of therapy I’ve ever had and if I sell my screenplay I will come to you once a month. I have recommended you to several friends of mine who I’m sure will be calling you.

I waited a few weeks to send this because I wanted to make sure the hypnosis was really working. You have changed my life for the better. You are the most gifted and talented and nurturing person I’ve ever met. If it were not for your generosity of spirit, your warmth and your
obvious commitment to others healing I would not have been able to surrender to the process and to me, the surrendering is where the healing begins. Thank you.

With much love and appreciation,” *


“I just wanted to thank you. I am really happy with the experience. I feel completely different. I thought about the things that we talked about beforehand and now those things seem like they were someone else. They really don’t matter or affect me. I really feel that I get it. And on so many levels. It’s wild!

I didn’t feel any different being “under” and I wondered if I really was. but the experience with the part of me that was “protecting” me couldn’t have happened any other way that I know of. It was freaky. I felt as if part of me was pushed out of the way. And here’s the funny thing. When first asked for a name for this character, “Tiberious” came up as a sort of cheeky answer. But as the experience progressed, it became clear that this was something else. This was not something that I had experienced before. When “Tiberious” came to call, my body, which had been so relaxed that I really had to think about and then try to raise a finger, became completely tense. Muscles sprung into action. My face tensed up. I had to try very hard to calm my body. I felt at that point like getting up and walking out. Well, “he” did. It was difficult to control actually. I was amazed by the whole thing. Also, I really got the inner child. When I experienced that, it changed my whole outlook. Probably on everything. Although it was all great, I think the “integration” part was the best for me. I think that is what I really needed. It may sound strange but after 30 some odd years, I finally feel like myself again.

Since Wednesday I have felt great. I have been working and laying a lot of the groundwork for the moves I will be making shortly. I’ve been delegating to friends details that are best handled by someone else. Freeing me up to doing the work only I can do right now, namely the music and the vision. I’ve had a ton of ideas. I have energy. It’s great. I thank you again.

So far I have only recommended the experience to one person. But then I’ve only told one person. A friend of mine who would not only really benefit from it, but is most likely ready for it. We’ll see. Right now I’m just enjoying my life. I’m really happy that I get to be me.

Thank you for your ear, your insight and your talent. It made a huge difference in my life. Hopefully receiving happy letters of appreciation make your day. If so, enjoy!

Thanks Again. Kindest Regards. Big hug.” *


“Dear Dr. Trudy:

I’ve been meaning to email you for a couple of months now to tell you how successful my session with you has been. I came to your office on July 30, feeling overwhelmed and depressed by years of negativity and pessimism. Since that day, it feels like I have been reborn. I now refer to my past as PH, Pre-hypnosis.

I’ve listened to your tapes religiously, sometimes more than once a day, just to calm down, or when I have to conquer any negativity or insecurity that arises. The power of suggestion has truly helped me. I often find myself saying, “I am powerful. I am positive”? and feeling instantly relaxed. Recently, I played a questions game and was asked what I was most grateful for and my response was, “Hypnosis, it saved my life.” I no longer have a second voice constantly feeding me self destructive self-talk, which was a huge problem for me, it seems since I was born. I am a much kinder person to myself now. I am more relaxed and have not experience any anxiety since our meeting.

Thank you so much for helping me heal. Years of therapy did nothing but one session with you and I made major advances towards a healthier more accepting self.

You are doing a great service to folks. In the future, I am planning on taking one of your certification classes.

Please feel free to use any portion of my email on your website.

Thank you so much,” *

* Individual results may vary and these claims may not be permanent. These are only opinions from past clients. We do not publicly endorse any of these views as scientific, nor can we guarantee these same results in any or all future cases.  These client opinions are not statements made by the Tribeca Hypnosis and Healing Institute.