Life Coaching

The Evolution of Life Coaching for Trudy Beers began with her successful hypnotherapy practice 15 yrs ago. She learned from her clients that the pre-talk was similar to life coaching in her 3-hour sessions. She teaches techniques that they could practice to change old habits and negative emotions to quicken the release of their challenges. Over the years by popular demand, Trudy has developed a series of five 1-hour Life Coaching Sessions, one every two weeks to help support clients focus on their challenges. Many people say she is hypnotizing them in the session discussions of their challenge.

Trudy records coaching sessions and clients go home with an mp3 or CD so that they can review and practice the new techniques discussed. She wants them to go to sleep with the mp3 or listen to them on the train or in the car on the way to work. The goal is to make changes quickly and reprogram the mind to handle this fast pace life.

Call Trudy Beers at 212-334-0299 and discuss your Challenge and the Possibilities that can be created.

Identify Your Goals and Decide on Your Priorities. All of us have multiple Challenges. But the mind can really only focus on one at a time. It is important that when you create your list to understand which you choose to work on first.

Tell Your Story and notice how it sounds to you, how you feel about the subject, and what you see as your future.

Create Your Path to Success by using the techniques you agree to focus on in your by weekly sessions.

Act on the Changes You want to Make by Practice, Practice, Practice. When you actually choose to Do something about your challenges, old habits & negative emotions disappear. The consistent repetition (like exercising your body) can become a new pattern or behavior and change many aspects of your life.

Additional Alternative Healing Techniques are used at Tribeca Hypnosis& Healing Institute to enhance your Life Coaching Sessions. We have the opportunity to use Hypnosis , Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Reiki, and Chakra Rebalancing along with the Life Coaching in our sessions. The goal is to reconnect the Mind, Body, & Inner Self so that You can move forward with Passion on Your Journey.

“Go Confidently in the direction of your Dreams! Live the life you’ve Imagined. As you Simplify your Life, the Laws of the Universe will be Simpler.” Henry David Thoreau

Life Coaching Goals

  • Release Old Negative Habit & Emotions
  • Creating a Path in Life for You that is Fulfilling and Joyful

Areas of impact through life coaching with Trudy Beers

  • Confidence, Self-Trust & Happiness – Living a satisfying, balanced, successful life
  • Body – Weight Loss, Health, Fitness, Feeling Great
  • Relationships – Dating, Marriage, Divorce, Family & Children
  • Communication – Workplace, Family, Conflict and Difficult Situations, Romantic, internal and external communication skills/relationship
  • Balance – Emotional Balance and Control among all the aspects of your life
  • Financial Success – Wealth Building, Income, Financial Intelligence and focus
  • Career – Career Fulfillment ,Transitions, Raises & Promotions, Resumes and Interviews

To learn more about Life Coaching, call us at 212-334-0299

Experience Yourself empowered in every area of Your Life!