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To order, please call (212) 334-0299
and speak with Trudy Beers.
These Gift Certificates cannot be purchased on-line.

Our clients asked about Gift Certificates…so now we offer them!

Great for the Holiday Season, birthdays, or anytime.

gift certificateGift Certificates are available for all private sessions. The most popular are Weight Loss, Smoking Cessation, and Increasing Self Confidence.

Private Sessions
Available using Hypnotherapy, NeroLinguistic Programming (NLP), Life Coaching and Reiki. You can heal these Challenges of Emotions and Habits, and more:

Quit Smoking
Boost Weight Loss
Self Confidence
Stress Reduction
Pain Control
Panic Attacks
Fears & Phobias
Surgical Recovery

Emotional Balancing
Public Speaking
Sexual Dysfunction
Release Anxiety
Create Success
Past Life Regression
Immune Enhancement
Scholastic Achievement
Photographic Memory
Sports Goals
gift certificate 100wGift Certificates are available for courses too.

for Professionals and Self Empowerment by expert instructors in Alternative Healing.
Basic Hypnosis
Reiki I, II, & Masters Certification
Intermediate Hypnosis
Karuna Ki Workshop
Masters Hypnosis
BASIC NLP Certification
Hypnochilbirth Certification
Past Life Certification
NGH Hypnotherapy Certification
Intermediate. NLP Certification
Advanced NLP Certification

gift certificate


Each Private Session Gift Certificate will be sent with an accompanying brochure about the focus of the session. Click the image above to view an example.