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Raven Blair Davis

The Raven Blair Davis Show interview

Topic Empower Yourself…Change Your Mind of Negative Habits & Emotions & Change Your Life!

– Focus and Accomplish what You want by Harnessing the Power of Your Mind
– Get rid of Your Negative History & Focus on Your Gifts
– Leave Behind the Negative propaganda of the Negative Consciousness
– Everyday is important…There is No Age restrictions…

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The Spirit Connection Lea Hill show

Whether you’ve tried hypnosis or think it’s just mind control, this show will enlighten you with the little-known spiritual side of hypnosis. Certified
hypnotist, Trudy Beers of addresses the common fears and misconceptions of hypnosis and explains how she works from a spiritual perspective to changes lives.

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The C-Word: The Power of the Mind, Trudy Beers

Ameena Meer, Blogpost Sep 20, 2012

Trudy Beers is a hypnotist in Tribeca who’s had success helping people with breast cancer recover and thrive. This is a video interview with her.

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“Time to Butt Out”

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“A New Leaf: Keep New Year’s Resolutions Downtown” ( Loose Weight

Fashion Wire Daily Article:

“Spellbound: An FWD Editor Gets Hypnotized”

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“Loving Your Body”

New York Resident Article:

“Eyes Wide Open: Doctors Debunk the Myth of Hypnosis Through Clinical Studies and Actual Cases”.