Advanced Neuro-Linguistic Programming Certification

Instructor: L. E. “Lee” McLemore, Ph.D.

Instructor Biography

LeeL. E. “Lee” McLemore, Ph.D., is a nationally televised Master Neuro-Linguistic Programming Trainer, is the president of Peak Performance Consultants, Inc, founding partner of Trancenetics LLC and The Institute of Alternative Modalities as well as the Executive Producer of Metaproductions. He has had programs televised on PBS/The Business Channel, National Training Network, and the Federal Training Network. In 1999 he was the recipient of INFAITH’s Holistic Practitioner of the Year. Lee has a Ph.D. in Psychology with a specialization in human potential and has had more than 13 years of experience in the field of occupational therapy where he has lectured and consulted on trends, business management, and behavioral change. Dr. McLemore is a member of the American Association of Counseling and Development, American Society of Training and Development, American Board of Hypnotherapy, American Occupational Therapy Association and a Certified Master Trainer for the Society of Neuro Linguistic Programming. He is also on the faculty of Albert University. He assists his clients to remove, take away or dissolve what has always held them back, what has created anxiety, what has stopped them from being and doing at the level of awesome excellence that they have dreamed about or glimpsed in their reverie. As we hold the space for change, behavior patterns shift, empowering beliefs emerge, passionate energy flows through, and focus is on the choices that bring them to success and peace in their life in spite of naysayers around them. Everyone has the potential, however some need assistance to access it.

Advanced Neuro-Linguistic Programming Certification

Why Learn NLP….

NLP reveals the structure of behavior, communication and rapid changes. This structure can be use to model, learn and teach others to reproduce any form of high quality human behavior. Whether for you personal growth and development or to enhance to current practice, NLP will provide with the foundation to uncover the unconscious limiting programs and replace them with them those programs that will empower, heal and propel your into the future.

What will you learn?

Rapport Skills.

  • The structure of rapport and how to establish it quickly and reliably through verbal and nonverbal means
  • Master the process of pacing and leading in persuasion
  • Heighten sensory acuity so as to read the subtle unconscious cues from others
  • Create anchors to manage one’s emotions, attitudes, and abilities
  • How to use anchoring in problem solving with others
  • Identify the thought-processing styles of self and others
  • Integrate the rapport skills into one’s behavior in multiple contexts


  • An extensive exploration of strategies and their application to the areas of sales, group presentations, consultations, interviews, learning and areas of personal change.
  • Skill building modules provide opportunities to elicit, utilize, design and install strategies. Included will be examples of belief; motivation; decision making; learning; creativity, and
    reality strategies.
  • Special short-hand techniques will be used to increase the speed and accuracy of information gathering and overall effectiveness in using strategies to achieve communication outcomes.

Crucial Linguistic Tools.

Three key NLP language models:

  • THE META MODEL – a systematic tool for analyzing and controlling critical aspects of verbal communications, includes asking questions to lead in a new direction
  • THE MILTON MODEL – a set of subtle communications techniques which carry the force of directives but take the form of questions and requests
  • THE METAPHOR MODEL – a high-impact means for achieving communications goals through the use of indirect examples and analogies.

Participants will learn both to recognize and to utilize these important verbal models.

Goals and Outcomes

  • Learn to design effective, fool-proof outcomes
  • Dovetail outcomes with those of others with a win-win approach
  • How to combine motivation, skills and opportunity
  • How to use logical levels of thinking to achieve outcomes


  • How to create and sustain motivation to reach one’s goals
  • Discovery of one’s hierarchy of values
  • Connection of outcomes with one’s highest values to create strong, natural motivation
  • How to motivate others


  • Six steps to effectively, quickly change behavior
  • How to frame, preframe, and reframe in personal and business situations
  • The role that framing and reframing plays in sales and negotiations

Self Management and Growth Tools

  • To use one’s internal coding system to change behavior
  • To utilize the crossing of a threshold to create more appropriate behaviors and to reach goals
  • To neutralize fears, even those of phobic proportion
  • To establish and maintain habit patterns that support one’s goals
  • To create internal triggers that result in appropriate states of consciousness
  • To utilize perceptual positions in communication to understand and to persuade
Advanced NLP Certification

Upon successful completion of this course you will receive certificates for 8 CEU credits from the National Guild of Hypnotists.

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