Hypnochildbirth Preparation in three Sessions

Have a Peaceful, Calm Centered Birth. As Trudy Beers Ph.D., Director of Tribeca Hypnosis & Healing Institute Hypnochildbirth is one of my favorite sessions. 15 yrs ago my interest was piqued when I wrote my thesis in Alternative Therapy studying Hypnosis & Childbirth. Since then I have hypnotized many mothers to have a peaceful, calm centered birth. I have been at home births, water births and hospital births. Those experiences have proven to me that hypnosis is definitely an important tool for a comfortable happy birthing.

Hi Trudy.   Great to hear from you, and I’m glad you got the birth announcement!  I would be more than happy to write a testimonial for your website – your work was SO helpful in me getting through the birthing process.  And I was able to successfully have a medication/intervention-free birth, just like I wanted.

001 James-074 In fact, I used your tapes through-out my entire labor – I had your voice on repeat on my ipod, and it really helped me focus as well as block out any distractions.  It was one of my most important tools that night.

004 James-059My midwives were also very impressed by my labor and how helpful your work was to me.  Sylvie Blaustien of Midwifery of Manhattan asked for your contact details, she is going to post your services in her guide, and I believe your contact info has already been passed along to a few other expecting moms.  So thank you for all your help!  I’ve also included a few photos of me and James – if you wouldn’t mind, please just don’t include my last name on your website.  I’ll work on a short paragraph and will send you something shortly.   Kelley

I have organized my preparation into a series of three sessions as follows: I record each session and give the client an mp3 to go to sleep with and program their minds with whatever we are working on.

The first session of Releasing all Fear is three hours long. I have all clients fill out an intake form which is quite extensive. I read this before my client comes. I am looking for clues of negative emotions, fears or thoughts that could get in the way of an open & free mind. Then we sit together and make a list of what negative emotions & habits or experiences need to be released. Sometimes the mother had a negative previous birth. Next we watch DVDs of births with hypnosis so the mother can watch an actual birth and see other woman’s’ experience hypnosis in actual births. The actual hypnosis is 1 ½ hrs in which I make an mp3 of about 45 minutes so that my client can go to sleep with it at night programming her mind with a safe happy healthy calm and centered birth. I prefer the mother to be in her 6th-7th month. Although I have worked with mothers even at 1 week before birthing.

The second session is two hours with when three hypnosis birthing techniques are introduced in hypnosis as possibilities for the final birthing hypnosis mp3. I want the mother to choose which one she likes the best to use in the final mp3 continuing with new affirmations and tools that can be used in the birth. The mother at around eigth month.

The third session is three hours including the your partner. The birthing partner is in charge of organizing the plan. I will present around 50 pages of info for plan and hospital and all stages of the birth. This way the couple can organize & think about the birthing making decisions before they get to that point. Thinking about how they want the birth to be. I also show the partner DVDs of Hypnosis in Births so that they can be prepared for the birth. Basically he is the protector at birth & handles all challenges that could disturb the mother. The partnerss are very impressed with this process & the information as it involves them in the birth at a very important level.

The Final Birthing mp3 actually takes the mother in her mind thru a calm peaceful birth beginning to end. I also offer to hypnotize the parters if they like to experience hypnosis. Using breathing techniques, allowing the body to relax opening up with hypnosis & smiling every time there is a surge knowing the family will soon see their beautiful baby. It is as though you experience the birth before it happens many times. The mother’s full focus is to stay in hypnosis trance and relaxed allowing her body to open. Listening to the mp3s using the tools we have taught her. The last session ideally happens one month before the estimated due date.

All of the mothers that I work with are extremely happy with this process. As I have seen in all instances they are self hypnotized, there is very little trauma and the births are calm and beautiful. Even if there is an emergency and natural birth is not possible, as they tell me even then they are relaxed by the hypnosis and can focus on a healthy birth.

Another really impressive result is that in all hypnobirths the mothers tell me that the babies are born very calm, happy and sleep soundly. I have a feeling that the hypnosis the baby experiences before birth gives them strength & encouragement at the birthing along with the mothers peaceful approach. By using hypnosis the miracle of life, the birth of a hild can be even more an amazing experience.

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My hypnobirthing experience was very positive for both me and my husband. It also allowed my husband to take an active role in my pregnancy, but before I started hypnobirthing, I was consumed by the thoughts of how painful my delivery would be.
Carlas BabyWith Hypnobirthing, I was able to let go of all negative thoughts and relax and enjoy the remainder of my pregnancy. Even though I did not have a natural childbirth as planned, hypnobirthing helped me before and after my C-section. I used my deep breathing and relaxation to calm myself as I prepared for the C-section.
After the surgery I used what I learned to manage my pain; did not require anything stronger them Motrin while in the hospital; and was up and walking the next day and felt great. I also had mild PostPartum Depression for 3 weeks and when I had the time I would put myself into hypnosis and state that my feeling are normal and natural and will not last long.
I will be recommending thank you so very much,  Carla



Thank you Trudy for working with me during my third trimester of pregnancy to prepare me for childbirth. The sessions were both relaxing and informative, and helped me build my confidence that I could have an intervention-free, natural childbirth experience. And the recorded hypno-birthing sessions ended up being my most valuable tool during the labor and delivery of my baby! I had Trudy’s recordings on continual repeat on my iPod, and listened to them throughout my 11 hours of labor. It helped me relax, to tune out the hospital noises and nurses and commotion around me, and to just focus internally on getting through each contraction. I still felt pain, but I was calm and relaxed through the process, and I think it helped calm my baby through the process! My baby James was born healthy, bright-eyed, and calmly…with a big help from Trudy and her work. Thanks Trudy!