Interviews with Trudy Beers, Ph.D, director of the Tribeca Hypnosis & Healing Institute, as she discusses how she works and what to expect from hypnosis. The material is taken from interviews with reporter Trilby Schreiber.


Trudy Beers hypnotist, side view portrait photo



I find that people are fearful of hypnosis because they’re afraid we’re going to take over their minds.

Actually, the opposite is true. I give them the tools to control their own minds, to use self-hypnosis to change their emotions and behavior patterns.

But I understand this fear.

So I take at least three hours to make sure they really understand that it’s safe for them, because a person will not release any negativity unless they believe they’re in a safe environment. They have to trust me, and they have to trust the environment.

You fill out an intake form beforehand, which gives me a picture of what is going on in your life.

Then we’ll sit and talk about it. What needs to be released? What emotion is affecting you?

We talk for about an hour and a half, and we decide what needs to be released in your mind, in your life, and what needs to be reprogrammed.

The mind is like a computer; we can put into it what we want. We have a choice. Why not direct it more? Hypnosis is a tool that can direct us to anything we want in our lives.

Whatever we want to do in our lives, we can do through hypnosis. We can quit smoking, achieve success, become self-confident, lose weight– anything we want.

We have the ability to make changes in our minds when we are relaxed and focused on what we want to accomplish.

I take so much time with my clients because I want them to feel comfortable enough to release those blocks that are holding them back, to release the energy I’m working with. I’m connecting mind, body, and soul.

That’s how I work.


Your Personalized Audio Recording ( CD, MP3, etc.)


The other thing that’s unique about hypnosis is that you don’t have to work at it.

You can go to sleep with the personalized CD I give you, and the subconscious suggestions will still be programmed in your mind. When you wake up, you’ll realize that you feel differently.

One session, and the CD I give you, can totally change your life.

You reinforce the work of the session with the CD. I don’t require multiple sessions; one session and the CD are usually enough,

Sometimes people use my CD for years. Others don’t need it at all; they come in for one session and that’s all they need. But it’s one more tool for you to have, one more way to ensure your success.

Sincerity and Focus


Sometimes people come to me months or years later and tell me, “You helped me change my life.”

And I always say, “I’m just a guide. Everyone does the work on their own. Your sincerity and focus is what helps you accomplish your goals.”

I teach people how to use the tool of hypnosis to change their lives. It’s a very, very effective tool.


Quitting Smoking and Other Habits


When you are addicted to something, like smoking, your intuition is blocked.

I work with what’s called the subconscious, the unconscious, or the inner mind. That’s the part of our mind that helps us make changes.

When we’re in a deeply relaxed state, our mind accepts suggestions more easily.

What happens after we work together is that the unconscious mind sends suggestions to the conscious mind.

The conscious mind still has the habit, of smoking a cigarette at 8 every morning, let’s say.

But after you’re hypnotized, the unconscious mind now has the ability to say, “Hey, I don’t want to do that anymore.”

All the things that we program the mind for, all the things that you want to accomplish, start to come up as new thoughts. And every time the new though comes up, it helps to anchor the new behavior.

So now you have a choice. You can challenge that habit; you can break that addiction, because you have a new thought. You can say, “No, I don’t want to do this anymore. I want be healthy.”


Weight Loss


Weight loss is more difficult because it depends on the propaganda of the world how people are affected.

People with weight problems have to release negative emotions before they can heal. There are a lot of things tied into that from their past.

I can do all that in one session, but sometimes they’re so tied into those old belief systems that they’re just not ready to release them.

But generally, when a person is focused and aware of themselves and want to change something, we will be successful.



Self-confidence is my third largest session. Even important people have periods of shyness and lack of self-confidence.

Usually it’s directed by something in childhood that blocked you from being who you are. And once you learned that behavior, it became a habit.

The four negative emotions that affect people most are fear, anger, shame, and guilt.

Fear often underlies shyness, and every time you experience shyness, you anchor that fear in your mind.

We need to change the fear in your mind that causes the behavior. We want to release the fear so you can get in touch with your power.

People who are not self-confident focus on the bad, on the things that they lack.

Every single person has something special to offer the world. We need to identify that.

What are you good at? How can you focus on that?

What would you accomplish if you were self-confident?

What would it feel like to be a successful, self-confident person?

Hypnosis is a great tool, because when you’re relaxed, you’ll hear every
word I say.

We’ll give you new suggestions, new visualizations. You will see yourself in a different way.

You’ll listen to new possibilities in your mind. And then you¹ll feel them.

I teach you self-hypnosis and other tools you can use in your life.

You have a choice at every moment of whether to think positively or negatively.

Hypnosis gives you a fresh option to incorporate new thoughts into your mind and new behaviors into your life.