Past Life Regression Certification

Instructor: Hollis Baker

Instructor Biography

HollisBaker2 Hollis Baker has 18 years of experience using clinical and medical hypnosis to assist others in reaching into their past lives. Her Past Life Regression Therapy technique is an eclectic gathering of traditional clinical hypnosis and her unique methods of taking a client through this very personal discovery.

Her unique delivery combines both humor and compassion to obtain results. As a featured speaker on television and radio, she has lectured on past life regression therapy. She frequently appears as a keynote speaker in corporate lectures and health fairs informing the public about the possibilities of Past Life Therapy.

Holly is a faculty member in good standing with The National Guild of Hypnotists and has worked at the Complementary Health Program at Columbia Presbyterian Hospital.

Past Life Regression Certification

Past Life Regression is an Aid to Healing and Self-Empowerment

Past life regression is based on the premise that many of our problems, as well as talents have their roots in previous incarnations. One can permanently eliminate fears, ill health and negative behavior through this therapy. By regressing to a past life, the origins of present habits, phobias and negative tendencies can be uncovered.

Workshop participants will receive a full notebook of scripts and therapy suggestions that are demonstrated and practiced in the class. Students can use these techniques for bettering their own lives and those students who are also therapists themselves, will be learning new techniques to employ with their clients.

Learn to utilize these amazing tools to enhance your practice and your

  • Learn the Top Ten Indicators of Serious Past-life Challenges that effect client in this life…
  • Hollis will Teach Five New Methods of assisting a person to a Healing & Resourceful Past Life Regression
  • Learn the History of what has been accomplished with this tool to date
  • Get to the source of personal issues& learn more about yourself
  • See actual sessions & practice techniques on your classmates…
  • Receive a detailed manual full of reference material to make your Past Life Regressions Successful

Upon successful completion of this course you will receive certificates for 8 CEU credits from the National Guild of Hypnotists.

Course: Past Life Regression Certification    Instructor: Hollis Baker, Certified Hypnotist
Date: Feb. 28-Mar.1, 2015, Noon-6PM   Price: $495 @ door or $395 10 days prior  Register On-line 
APRIL 2015
Course: Past Life Regression Certification    Instructor: Hollis Baker, Certified Hypnotist
Date: Apr. 4-5, 2015, Noon-6PM   Price: $495 @ door or $395 10 days prior  Register On-line