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7 CD’s by Trudy Beers, Certified Hypnotist

The following CD’s have been recorded & produced by Trudy Beers, Certified Hypnotist. The use of these CD’s will help you focus with the subconscious part of your mind, on changing a challenge or a negative habit, or pattern in your life. You can empower yourself by going to sleep with the CD programming your mind subliminally. Then you will find during your conscious level, daily experiences, that you will receive new messages for what it is that you are working on. If you would like a CD created for you personally in a phone session you can call at 212-334-0299 and speak with Trudy Beers.

Weight Loss with Guided Relaxation & HynosisWeight Loss with Guided Relaxation & Hypnosis is a new image program, set up to develop healthy eating habits,promote exercise & substitute water for food to cleanse the body of fats & toxins. Most importantly permanent healthy food habits are created…Neuro- Linguistic Programming techniques of future pacing (visualizing yourself at the new desired weight) & anchoring guide you to focus and attain you goal… Mind/body connection is a must with this common challenge…
Item# CD-014  $19.95

Stop Smoking with Hypnosis & Guided RelaxationStop Smoking with Hypnosis & Guided Relaxation
You can be free from the cravings and withdrawals of cigarettes. Your commitment and this CD will make you a permanent nonsmoker. Disconnect from the emotional reasons you smoke. Make a commitment, in hypnosis, that will last a lifetime… this time for good. This hypnosis session will release cravings and withdrawals, and instantly create a deep commitment process that will convince your subconscious mind that you are a nonsmoker for life.
Item# CD-010  $19.95

Success & Self Confidence with HypnosisSuccess & Self Confidence with Hypnosis
The secret of those very successful people is that they had a vision or imagined themselves as successful before it ever happened. Hypnosis is the perfect tool to open your subconscious and engrave what you want in your life. All you have to do is clearly visualize or imagine yourself as successful, then go back and figure out how you did it…At the same time self confidence is a major key to all our happiness and success. Each of us has amazing positive qualities to focus on. Unfortunately negative programming & habit causes us to focus on our negative qualities…This destroys self confidence… This CD will change all that and Empower You!
Item# CD-012  $19.95

Reducing Stress & Enhancing the Immune System with Hypnosis & Guided RelaxationReducing Stress & Enhancing the Immune System with Hypnosis & Guided Relaxation
Stress is the #1 cause of all illnesses…This is the most important CD of the group, because with out your health you cannot do anything…The immune system is constantly effected by stress opening us up to negative health challenges… This CD releases all stress & programs your mind to help you keep your Body/Mind connection disease free…You can program your body & mind for Perfect Health…Do it Now!
Item# CD-015  $19.95

Elimination & Control of Pain with Hypnosis & Guided RelaxationElimination & Control of Pain with Hypnosis & Guided Relaxation
Did you know that people can have operations without the use of anesthesia by using hypnosis? Pain is created in the mind as well as the body…Sometimes it is a natural protection & other times it is created by a negative emotion or trauma. In hypnosis we work with the latter..Pain can be focused on & relieved..Mind over matter…Just as we have this amazing ability to heal our bodies with our mind we also can eliminate pain…Relaxation, focus & stress reduction are amazing tools…
Item# CD-013  $19.95

Releasing Anger & Past Blocks with HypnosisReleasing Anger & Past Blocks with Hypnosis
Anger keeps us from happiness & good health…This program is designed to get rid of the so called “baggage” that you have been carrying with you. The baggage consists of all your fears,your worries, your feelings of guilt. By letting go of these blockages and then forgiving all those who have hurt you, whether perceived or real, you can move forward in your life & reap the success & abundance you desire…
Item# CD-016  $19.95

Program a Photographic Memory with Hypnosis & Guided RelaxationProgram a Photographic Memory with Hypnosis & Guided Relaxation
We all have a photographic memory, only many of us have not developed a way to use it. The primary reason we don’t have total recall is that we try too hard to remember…The subconscious mind records all of our experiences…Fear & stress cause us not to remember and develop a negative thought process… That pattern can be broken through tuning into your subconscious and reprogramming for results…This CD is great for test taking in children, bar exams,and general lack of focus…You will remember names,remember where you put things and improve your work & relationships…
Item# CD-011  $19.95

4 CD’s by Joseph Brunetto, Certified Hypnotist    

Joseph Brunetto, Certified Hypnotist. is a very dear friend of mine…
His heart is always in the perfect place…He clearly understands the human spirit and is an eternal inspiration to me…Thank you Joe…XXXX Trudy

Stress Release and Ultimate RelaxtionStress Release and Ultimate Relaxation Just as an illness may signal the need for reevaluation of one’s outlook towards health and redirection of one’s lifestyle, a tragedy or unsettling experience may prompt an examination of one’s thoughts and beliefs, a clarification of one’s values and a renewal of one’s efforts to pursue dreams and goals. When worry, fear and anxiety that accompanies the stress in our lives has been magnified, it colors our thoughts, intentions and actions. And ultimately, this creates an imbalance in our bodies, minds and spirits which affects our immune system and health..$19.95

Love & IntimacyLove & Intimacy is intended for those who are already in a love relationship, as well as for those who are ready to begin one. Listening to your CD will prompt an exploration of thoughts and beliefs and a renewal of your efforts to create and maintain love and intimacy in your life.
Item# CD-003 $19.95

Establishing GoalsEstablishing Goalswill prompt an exploration of thoughts and beliefs, and a renewal of your efforts to pursue your dreams and goals. Each time you listen to this mindset towards creating and reaching your goals. The powerful message you hear will serve as a catalyst for changing the negatives in your life into positives. Soon, you will experience more integrated mental and emotional balance, fuller self-esteem, and greater self-confidence. You will connect to the powerful intuitive and emotional centers within you where healing, change and personal growth take place.
Item# CD-002 $19.95

learn languageLearn Another Language with Hypnosis – is designed for those who are already engaged in learning another language or who are about to begin doing so. Listening to this 4-week program will prompt an exploration of your thoughts and blocks to learning and a renewal of your efforts to succeed in learning your new language.
Item# CD-001$19.95

5 CD’s by Peter Blum  

Sounds For Healing Vol. 1 - An Introduction to The History and PracticeSounds For Healing Vol. 1 – An Introduction to The History and Practice
The idea of using sound and music for healing and contemplation is very ancient. There is evidence that cultures as diverse as the Native American peoples, music for therapeutic purposes. These recordings may be used to create an aural context for healing to take place. We believe that the future of medicine will include many forms of vibrational healing. since all matter is in motion, is vibrating, at a cellular, or atomic level, all matter resonds to vibration. Audible sound is powerful form of vibration.
Item# CD-005 $19.95

Sounds for Healing Vol. II - Coming Home, Four Sonic MeditationsSounds for Healing Vol. II – Coming Home, Four Sonic Meditations
Home, the remarkable sounds of the Tibetan singing bowls. Home. A wholesome word. A healing word. A necessary word. It has been said that all real sickness is home sickness. We have all felt homesick at one time or another. To be homesick is to be heartsick for the hearth of human warmth and affection. Or soulsick for the felt presence of an abiding Deity. Or sick in spirit because, try as we might to convince ourselves otherwise, we know we are less than whole…. It may be said that a part of every one of us is permanently away from home. That alienation wounds us deeply. We are homesick for wholeness, for at-homeness-with ourselves….We are in need of healing, and healing means coming home.
Item# CD-006 $19.95

Sounds For Healing Vol. III - Spoken Healing MeditationsSounds For Healing Vol. III – Spoken Healing Meditations
Imagine yourself on a healing tour of your body with the sound of Tibetan Singing Bowls and spoken word of guided imagery.
Variations of this technique, sometimes called “body scan”, “progressive relaxation”, or autogenic training” have become an accepted part of contemporary mind-body medicine. As each listener is led on a “guided tour” of their entire body, the sound of voice and bowls can lead to a state of profound relaxation in the tradition of teaching tales or hypnotic fables. The unconscious, which regulates the autonomic systems of the body involved in healing, responds to the language of dreams, myths and metaphor.
Item# CD-007 $19.95

Sounds For Healing Vol. IV - Explorations in Healing MusicSounds For Healing Vol. IV – Explorations in Healing Music
An extended exploration into combining other instruments and vocal changing with the Singing Bowls. Some selections feature a more active rhythmic feeling, perhaps suitable for gentle movement
Item# CD-008$19.95

Sounds For Healing Vol. V - The Everchanging PresentSounds For Healing Vol. V – The Everchanging Present
Along with the Himalayn Singing Bowls, the wood flute, digeridoo, tamboura, human voice – that support and weave with the non-tempered scale pulsations of these multi-toned bowls has also been rewarding. Live sonic healing events have been presented in numerous yoga centers, meditation halls, yurts, kivas, churches and other houses of worship. While no specific medical calims can be made for these sounds/vibrations, many listeners have reported lessening of physical aches and pains, great feelings of inner peace and calmness, as well as visions and spirtual guidance. it is my hope that those listening to this CD reap some of the same benefits.
Item# CD-009 $19.95